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Lipoescultura Liposucción


This Procedure allows to eliminate the Fat deposits that are stored between the Pile and the Muscle.

With this intervention it is possible to improve the contour of the body in a definitive way . It can be done in many parts of the body, such as: abdomen, back, legs, arms, double chin, etc.

The procedure is carried out with small cannulas that are inserted into specific areas and aspirate localized fat.




After heavy weight loss , excess skin and fat may be evident in the lower back region. The torsoplasty is based on the removal of these remaining excesses, being associated with the abdominoplasty to offer a wide improvement of the body contour. This procedure can also allow the buttocks to be lifted by a few centimeters, bringing greater satisfaction with the procedure.


brazilian buttock lift

Butt Augmentation

Buttock Augmentation surgery manages to increase the volume of this area with a harmonious and natural result either through the placement of implants or own fat .

These two techniques can also be combined to achieve the desired shape and volume.

The fat transferred to the buttocks is obtained from other areas of the body through liposuction.


Arm Lift

This procedure treats sagging and excess fat on the inner side of the arms. Over the years or after losing a lot of weight, the skin on the arms can appear sagging.

Three grades are considered in the treatment of the arms.

Grade 1 : The changes are incipient and liposuction is usually sufficient.

Grade 2: The flaccidity is already intermediate. A skin tightening is usually indicated, leaving a circumscribed scar in the armpit.

Grade 3: These are more advanced cases, where it is necessary to make a longitudinal scar on the inside of the arm up to the elbow.


Braquipastía liposucción brazos
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