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Correct the shape of your nose, achieving a more balanced and harmonious appearance. In many cases, when there is a functional problem, the surgery is performed in conjunction with an otolaryngologist, in this way the result will be Aesthetic and Functional.




Sharpening the face is possible by removing the Bags of Bichat (fat bags) that are between two muscles in your cheeks. With this procedure you are able to reduce the size of your cheeks and highlight your cheekbones.


Lifting Facial


Intervention aimed at rejuvenating the face and neck. Aging causes typical changes to the face: sagging, sagging, double chin or excess skin on the neck. When a certain degree of flaccidity occurs in any part of the body, there is no alternative as effective as -stretching, cutting and sewing-.


Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation with Hyaluronic Acid is a frequent procedure in Cosmetic Surgery. The results with hyaluronic acid last approximately 10 months, after that time the lips return to their original shape and size.




This procedure is carried out when the ears are separated from the head (prominent or protruding ears), it is also carried out when they present some other deformity.

This procedure is performed from the age of 7. The ears stop growing at 6 years of age, from that moment the Otoplasty can be performed.


Facial Contour

This procedure is very varied, it manages to reshape the bone structures of the skull and face to achieve a more stylized face. One of the most common procedures is the chin implant and with fillers to achieve a significant change in the jaw or cheekbones.


Cirugía de Párpados blefaroplastía


The look is the reflection of your soul and what we least want is a tired look. This procedure is responsible for rejuvenating the look and giving it a young, relaxed and fresh air. It consists in eliminating the excess upper eyelid and in the lower eyelid, eliminating the bags that bother so much.


Fat Filled

The fat obtained from the patient himself through liposuction is a novel and natural way to recover lost facial volumes or to add extra volume to the cheekbones, chin, etc. Being a living tissue of the patient himself, no rejection is obtained and a lasting result is achieved.



Implante de mentón contorno facial
Aumento de labios con ácido hialurónico
Rellenos con grasa propia
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