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Breast Lift

The Mastopexy technique is performed in most cases in young patients where the aged appearance of the breasts does not match the rest of the body. With breastfeeding and significant weight loss, the breasts undergo significant changes. On the one hand, volume is lost due to the atrophy of the gland and on the other, the internal support structures are damaged, causing the areola and nipple to fall.


Breast Reduction

A very voluminous breast can bring difficulties and discomfort in some women, especially when the weight of the breast is very high and the volume disproportionate to the rest of the body.

With breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty, it is possible to reduce the desired sizes, preserving sensitivity and breastfeeding capacity.

Replacement of Implants

More and more women have breast implants, there are common reasons why a replacement of prostheses is recommended: When they exceed 10 years after implantation, capsular contracture or implant rupture.



With this surgery, the excess mammary gland is removed in men. Sometimes it can affect only one breast or more commonly both. The treatment consists of removing fat and glandular tissue from the breasts and, in extreme cases, also removing excess skin.


Tuberous Mama

They are those that from puberty develop differently from normal, slightly drooping and with large areolas.

The base of this type of breasts is narrow, with areolas larger than usual and many times they present asymmetry between the two. The severity of the deformity ranges from grade 1 to grade 5.


Breast Augmentation

It consists of the introduction of a silicone prosthesis (it can also be physiological saline) under the breast to increase its volume.

It is necessary to decide the size and shape of the prosthesis, since it can be round or anatomical. These decisions will be made in conjunction with your surgeon.


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